11,993 unique cars

In the years preceding the Silicon Valley Tech Boom, technological advancements were being made at an alarming pace. Humankind feared a global takeover by artificial intelligence, posing an existential threat to the human race, and sparking the 1993 War Against the Machines.

Fearing the destruction of these technological marvels, a group of nano mechanics working out of a secret underground lab at West Coast Customs in Burbank, CA hatched a plan to miniaturize 11,993 extremely advanced customized vehicles, each one completely unique and different from the others.

These vehicles would be sent to an undisclosed storage facility deep within the Metaverse, only to be returned to earth on January 9th in the year 2022, at precisely 9:30 PM EST, with the sole mission of locating their rightful owners and bringing them into the Metaverse where they will exist in harmony for all of eternity.

MetaWhips by WCC is a collection of 11,993 generative NFTs, signifying West Coast Customs’ original year of incorporation and the beginning of a cultural phenomenon that lives on today. Each MetaWhip is generated using an extremely sophisticated computer algorithm that selects attributes from an inventory of thousands of individually hand-drawn 3D components, ensuring each one is an original work of art, with no two MetaWhips being the same.

You can mint up to 10 MetaWhips at a time. Each MetaWhip mint price is .1093 ETH - skrrrt!




Whitelist Registration

A total of 2,500 Whitelist spots will be awarded. Each Whitelist member will have the option to mint up to 3 MetaWhips during the pre-sale window.

For the full Whitelist allocation breakdown, please visit the Whitelist Section of our Discord.


Pre-Sale Minting

Everyone on the Whitelist will be able to mint up to 3 MetaWhips each beginning on 1/9/2022 at 9:30 PM EST. The Pre-Sale Minting window will close on 1/12/2022 at 9:30 PM EST, allowing Whitelist members to choose the mint time that works best for them. Pre-Sale Mint price will be .093 ETH.


Public Minting

Following the Pre-Sale, a minimum of 4,500 MetaWhips will be available for Public Minting, beginning on 1/14/2022 at 6:00 PM EST. The Public Minting will remain open until all MetaWhips have been minted. Public Mint price will be .1093 ETH.


Charitable Donation

When 50% of the MetaWhips have been minted, a $50,000 Charitable Donation Fund will be established, with the distribution of funds to be determined by the MetaWhips Discord Community early in 2022.


Honorary Celebrity Charity Cars Announced

After all MetaWhips have been minted, an Honorary Charity MetaWhips collection will be established and individual, hand-drawn MetaWhips NFTs will be gifted to various celebrities and key members of the NFT community. These Honorary MetaWhips will carry a higher Creator Fee, with the proceeds from any secondary market sales being donated to the charity designated by the original owner.


Exclusive Merch

After all MetaWhips have been minted, a special, members only line of merchandise will be available to all MetaWhips holders. Proceeds from merchandise sales will be invested back into a Community Fund.


The Race is On!

All MetaWhips holders will be air-dropped a game playable NFT asset for the upcoming West Coast Customs Metaverse racing and collectibles blockchain video game. Details on the game, as well as timing and roadmap, will be released via Twitter and in the MetaWhips Discord.